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Careers fairs

Graduate placement & job recruitment with careers fairs

Graduate careers fairs

Graduate careers fairs are an important resource for graduate appointments – even if you don’t get a graduate placement as a direct result of the fair, you’re still taking steps towards your chosen career and moving closer to recruitment in your perfect job.

A suitable graduate placement can be difficult to find, and with the amount of competition vying for graduate appointments you have to use every avenue you can to maximise your chances of finding the right graduate placement for you.

Careers fairs are one of the best ways to find graduate appointments in your area of interest. A careers fair is an excellent opportunity to meet potential employers face to face and market yourself to your chosen industry. Even if you haven’t finished your course and are still in further study, careers fairs are still worthwhile as a source of information, contacts and interview experience.

Job recruitment at careers fairs

Job recruitment careers fairs offer a multitude of benefits to graduates. If you’re ambitious and organised you can get a lot out of a career fair, including;

  • Honing your interview skills – Even if you aren’t offered a job, talking to prospective employers about graduate appointments gives you valuable confidence and experience of interviews.
  • Expanding your network – Meeting job recruiters and even fellow graduates helps you build useful contacts for future reference.
  • Learning industry information – Speaking to job recruitment professionals in your chosen sector is a great way to learn about the industry.
  • Gathering information about companies – Investigating the kind of graduate placements offered by a company tells you a lot about that organisation as a whole.
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